Practice Philosophy

Our Mission: To Serve Others

Our Values

  • Safety:  first & foremost, patient and team-member safety and regulatory compliance
  • Service: always committed to great clinical outcomes using the best materials and techniques
  • Experience: strive to deliver an exceptional experience for every patient, every day
  • Legacy:  build legacy on the principles of community involvement, philanthropy and professional growth of our team

Our Vision

To be the premier dental destination for our patients and team, where the Mission and Values are palpable 

Ethical Principles of the American Dental Association

  • Patient Autonomy (“self-governance”): we have a duty to respect the patient’s individual rights to self-determination, within the bounds of accepted treatment, and safeguard the patient’s confidentiality
  • Nonmaleficense (“do no harm”): we have a duty to refrain from harming the patient by keeping current our education and skills and by utilizing referral & delegation in patient’s care when appropriate
  • Beneficense (“do good”): we have a duty to promote the patient and public’s welfare by providing competent and timely care and to give back through volunteerism
  •  Justice (“fairness”): we have a duty to treat all people fairly
  • Veracity (“truthfulness”): we have a duty to communicate truthfully in all matters of dealing with the patient